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Monday, July 14, 2014

March On

Episode 04 - Calpisu Water

Now that we're more or less back to health and back on track to regular living it's high time we got back to the core idea behind this podcast. Episode 4 opens up with a quick update on my experience getting a wisdom tooth pulled, then we switch gears and talk about what it was like the day we found out that we were accepted into JET and were going to Japan. This week also features a special reading by Spencer Dillehay recounting the day he found out.

Show Notes 

-Thanks again to Xanthe! Remember to check out and support Bermuda!

-Another big thanks to Spencer for sending in that great reading. You can follow his blog at:

-Calpisu Water is something I probably mispronounced many times over the course of this episode because I was stuck between the old and new way. In any case, here's what it looks like:

Hardly looks like water

 -Here are the cups I mentioned in the show

I have a whole set
-I think there was too much to bite into for this episode, so we'll likely be talking about smaller chunks and emphasizing those aspects of what it was like to first come to Japan. Maybe we'll do application stuff again in November. Next week the plan is to talk about what it was like arriving at our new homes.

-Finally here's me right after the dentist:


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